We build Trust in every online transaction

    Bangladesh BancNet Ltd. is highly concerned about the security of your Personal card/ bank account Information. Our platform uses latest and most sophisticated security tool that is available in the global market; sensitive information like bank account and card information are transmitted in an encrypted form.



    Accept payments globally

    Bangladesh BancNet Ltd. (BBL) provides opportunity to receive payments in Bangladesh from anywhere around the world. In this process any Master/VISA; Debit / Credit card from any bank will be accepted to pay merchants in Bangladesh.



    Expand Your Business despite of geographical boundaries

    Boundary of marketplace is one of the major constraints for seller. BBL is facilitating you to get rid of Boundaries of marketplace. Hence, the prospect of reaching customers and doing business is enhanced. Buyers now donít need to go outside for shopping take the hassle of getting there. They can buy online staying at home.


Payment Gateway

What is Payment Gateway? Payment Gateway is a service that allows merchant to accept secure credit card transactions online.

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Service Flowchart

How the service works? The payment Solution provides the most secure and safest mode of payment for transactions over the Internet

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How it Works

Consumer visits sellerís portal, they get to choose product and add them to shopping cart. To learn more about the process steps

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Featured Services

The features available in the whole system is as follows:

=> Supports all major credit cards & domestic bank transfers (over secured connectivity to the payment processor).

=> Uses industry standard SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology enabling SSL Encryption when exchanging sensitive client information.

=> Multiple and easy payment methods.

=> Merchant login system.

=> Wide ranges of transaction reporting for merchants.

=> Developer friendly gateway integration.

=> Payment failure notification.

=> Advantage of canceling payment.

=> Cross checking of a payment for a purchase from the online store.

=> Payment handling in Bangladeshi Taka (BDT).

=> Failsafe system.

=> Provides support to online businesses in setting up merchant accounts.